Created on February 26, 2001, the Association of Friends and Collectors of Marie Laurence Gaudrat is a non-profit association as determined by the French law of the 1st of July 1901.

Its goal is to shed a light on the work of the painter throughout the world, by facilitating, organizing or inspiring any promotion operation such as: exhibit, book publishing, website, diffusion of information, conference, etc.

Its home office is: 35, La Place, 37240 La Chapelle Blanche Saint Martin.

Its office is composed of:

  • President : Bernard Leroy ;
  • Treasurer : Jean-Jacques Lawrence ;
  • Secretary : Laure Quayret.

Its statutes are registered by the prefecture of Isere.
Its resources come from the annual dues of its adherents.
The association has more than 150 members to this day.


The association, in partnership with Somogy Editions, participated in the publishing of a book of 95 pages, including a hundred of reproductions of Marie Laurence Gaudrat’s paintings as well as texts written by Gilles Perrault, André Comte-Sponville and Jacques Mougenot  (see section “The book”).

The association offers its logistical support as well as its help for diffusing information for the exhibits of Marie Laurence Gaudrat.
It has also financed and organized the conception of this very website.


The annual due has been set to:

  • 20 € for active members;
  • 100 € for benefactor members.

Members of the association are regularly informed of the actions led by the association and of the new exhibits of Marie Laurence Gaudrat’s work by receiving a newsletter.

If you wish to subscribe to the association, please send a check written to “l’Association des Amis et Collectionneurs de Marie Laurence Gaudrat” to the following address:

Association des Amis et Collectionneurs de Marie Laurence Gaudrat
c/o Laure Lawrence
35, La Place
37240 La Chapelle Blanche Saint Martin


For any request or question you can write to the address hereinabove, or to following the email address:

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